I was surrounded by art as a child, my mother Roxana is an internationally known china painter and has held seminars in many countries demonstrating her painting.

My father is a builder and wood turner by trade. 

I was lucky to have attended seminars, be inspired and paint with some of the most famous fine china artists worldwide, who painted in the traditional methods, using a limited palette comprising of 9 colours.  These include, Milwyn Holloway who was a Worcester factory painter, taught by the great Harry Davis, Rodger Shufflebotham who was a Caverswold painter, Laurence Woodhouse who was a painter for Ansley and American Stephen Hayes who paints with a more modern approach.  I also learnt how to use water colours from a traditional Walt Disney artist called Bob Eames.

I have successfully achieved a variety of different art skills which include interior designing, architectural design and fine china painting, artist and a teacher.  I also love calligraphy, art and design, ceramics, fabric design and bespoke cake icing.

I have had international sports photography published in sports papers, and designed clothing for Wulf sports.

For 26 years I was a professional antique china, glass and plaster restorer and have had hundreds of commissions reaching countries such as Canada, America, Italy and Australia, from Dukes to Lords and stately homes.  I have held seminars teaching and demonstrating china painting for many years throughout the U.K.

My painting techniques combine all the traditional methods in different mediums with a twist of a modern design.

I have been commissioned for several wedding cakes, from flowers, butterfly’s, to an RAF eagle and 3D model of a couple on their wedding day made from icing sugar landing on the top tier with a parachute made from silk.

My love for speed be it cars or motorcycles was also enjoyed from a small child as my father had motorcycles and fast cars.  I started watching racing when I was eight years old as my brother did trails and motocross.  This sparked off my interest in motorcycle art.

When I left school I travelled with a side car cross GP team for 7 ½ years all over Europe.

I held the flag for the England and other countries, looked after the team, cooked, pit girl, lap scorer and even helped with the bike!!

I’ve visited 22 different countries and generally got hooked with the love of motorsport.

I help raise money for two wheels for life at Silverstone having my Art sold at Global auctions. Valento Rossi, Maverick Vinales, John Reynolds have my artwork and signed the orginals.

My brother and I watched road racing together for many years and it has become one of my greatest passions.





Hope you can enjoy my web site, please feel free to email me for commissions, prints of my art or any comments.  Rachel

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