As a teacher and a demonstrator Roxana has been using her background, as an artist and as a potter, being able to bring to life, form and colour to sometimes restricting parameter of decorating porcelain and bone china for the past 40 years.

She produces exceptional and stunning pieces of art. She is passionate about colour, using a limited palette in a variety of mediums on canvas, paper and china.

Roxana has held seminars in Finland, Holland and Jersey, and travelled widely in the U.K.

Exhibitions of her work have been held in the World Maritime Building in London and pieces sold worldwide, countries include America, Canada, Russia, France, Holland and Germany.

Commissions have been undertaken for ordinations of Bishops and Priests, Trophies for overseas Golf tournaments and celebrities,

Other works include personalised designer tableware for a luxury yacht, dressing table sets to match interiors and kitchen and bathroom tiles.


Hope you can enjoy my web site, please feel free to email me for commissions, prints of my art or any comments.  Roxana

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